Top 10 Best Cups For 3 Year Olds Reviews

There are lots of different sippy cups out there for children. Some are much better than others. If it is finally time to allow your child to start with a sippy cup you could be overwhelmed by all the various alternatives out there. Many have straws while some others might have a spout and the very best type for the child is dependent upon their skills and their era. For a 3 years old who might have mastered the art of drinking through a straw, then you might want to opt for a straw cup. Other 3 years old kids can do better using a spout.

It is essential to know about the washing directions for sippy cups. Most may be placed in the dishwasher on the top rack although some might need hand washing. You also need to read up about the cup to see if it is leak-proof as most toddlers are messy and might drop their cup regularly resulting in spills and sticky messes. The following is a list of 10 best cups for 3 years old.

List of 10 Best Cups For 3 Year Olds

1. Munchkin Miracle 360 WildLove Sippy Cup

Munchkin Miracle 360 WildLove Sippy Cup

The Miracle 360˚ WildLove Cup includes seriously significant and well-loved species in our #1 selling toddler cup. By learning about and connecting to the creatures, your kid can take an active role in helping safeguard their lifestyles and surroundings.

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Exciting packaging was made to educate your child about every animal and it is an amazing, at-risk habitat. The ethos unfolds into an enjoyable park of forms for your cup. When you are done playing, “paw it forward” by recycling.

2. The First Years Disney Toy Story Insulated Hard Spout Sippy Cups

The First Years Disney Toy Story Insulated Hard Spout Sippy Cups

Bring some magic into a kid’s day with a Disney Insulated Hard Spout Sippy Cup comprising an augmented reality companion app that attracts a number of your favorite Toy Story characters! Best, however, these sippy cups possess all the qualities you’re searching for in a terrific sippy for the little one. The silicone valve will leak evidence to help keep drinks in the cup and from your little one.

The sippy cup lid includes a Drop Guard bumper to help avoid breakage as it lands on the floor. It is a terrific transition cup also, using a bite-resistant tough spout which enables your child to become accustomed to sipping from an open cup. Insulated cup partitions keep drinks cooler longer, which makes it good for families on the move.

3. Simple Modern 14oz Summit Kids Water Bottle Thermos with Straw Lid

Simple Modern 14oz Summit Kids Water Bottle Thermos with Straw Lid

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Your children are going to enjoy staying hydrated using the Simple Modern ventilated child’s water bottle. Straightforward Modern bottles are produced from stainless steel and possess double-walled insulating material, so your drink will remain cold or hot for hours. Easily fill your bottle with ice and wash it throughout the wide mouth opening. Shop our enormous choice of popular designs in many sizes of bottles.

The Summit bottles possess a double-walled exterior using a vacuum seal between the partitions. This implies your drink will remain at its perfect temperature for a while. In addition, the outside won’t ever sweat or get cold or hot to the touch. Bid farewell to water rings in your drawers and tables filled with coasters and Koozies–Straightforward Modern is everything you require!

4. Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

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Let us face it: toddlers are a cluttered bunch, particularly if first dig sippy cups. Now envision a world where drinks did not spill whatsoever — maybe not on your diaper bag, not on your nightstand, rather than even on your eager-to-learn kid. No, it is not a miracle, just — it is Munchkin’s Miracle 360° Cup. Among the very first sippy cups devised together with both kids and parents in mind, the Miracle 360° Cup removes supports and messes children’s dental health.

5. Munchkin Splash Toddler Cups with Training Lids

Munchkin Splash Toddler Cups with Training Lids

Prepared to create a splash next mealtime? Munchkin’s four-pack of training cups in the Splash lineup is certain to make your little one excited whenever they request a drink. The modern layout will not clash with your decor along the handy press match training lid directs the stream of liquid, therefore no messes while small hands learn how to use a large child cup. BPA-totally free and dishwasher safe, these cups are great for instruction and regular usage. Make it a collection organizing bowls and plates are sold separately.

6. Reduce GoGo’s, 3 Pack – 12oz Cups with Straws for Kids

Reduce GoGo's, 3 Pack – 12oz Cups with Straws for Kids

Great For Little Hands – Adding 3 super adorable layouts, these 12oz children’s tumblers with lids and straws are great for getting your children to drink their own water, milk, and juice. Produced from BPA-free plastic

On The Go Drinking – The most suitable toddler cups with lids match vehicle cupholders and permit children to drink on the move or in your home. The snap-on water-tight lid assists in reducing spills and messes

Kid Friendly – Toddler cups with straws are super easy. Every GoGo cup includes a child-proof straw lock in order that they can’t eliminate the straw from the tumbler. These Reduce Children tumbler cups measure 3.80″ diameter x 5.86″ tall (including lid)

7. Munchkin Flip and Go Tritan Straw Cup

Munchkin Flip and Go Tritan Straw Cup

It is an actuality. Children can be difficult on their things – they play tough, throw tough, and if you are lucky, cuddle tough also. If it has to do with cups, durability is crucial, particularly if your toddler is still enthusiastic about throwing things throughout the area. The Flip & Go toddler straw cup is constructed from extra tough substances to withstand virtually anything that your kid can throw its way. It’s an additional soft silicone straw that flips open with the touch of a switch. Additionally, it has minimal components for fast and effortless cleanup (yay for Mother!). You may rely on this reverse top cup to endure unpleasant throws and daily trips into the kitchen flooring. In the end, a cup made to stay on top of nonstop tots!

8. First Essentials by NUK Seal Zone Insulated Cup-Like Rim Sippy Cup

First Essentials by NUK Seal Zone Insulated Cup-Like Rim Sippy Cup

Maintain your toddler’s drink cool through each experience with Initial Essentials by NUK Insulated Cup-like Rim cups. The cup comes with a distinctive bite-resistant, flat rim designed to help educate your toddler on the movements of drinking out of a spoutless cup. The cup contains Arctic Wrap insulation, keeping drinks cool for around 6 hours. This 9-ounce sippy cup is 100% leak-proof and spill-proof, guaranteed!

9. Elk and Friends Kids & Toddler Cups

Elk and Friends Kids & Toddler Cups

Clean Design: there’s no paint on our own jars; our logo and measurement markings are all searchable. This isn’t just cleaner and healthier, by eliminating these toxins that are unnecessary, it can also be better for the environment.

Straws Stoppers + Sleeves: Our straws possess stoppers!! No mess with all our straws – Toddlers can not pull their straws out of our drinking jars. Our silicone sleeves are both adorable and colorful and are made to deliver fun to everyday drinks. The sleeve also offers protection against drops and bumps and higher traction for those little hands.

Versatile: Great for toddlers (less spills) and children’s beverages, or utilized for food storage using the flow-proof and airtight lids included. Each jar also contains measurement markings for precise portion control. These things are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe (except lids).

10. Dr. Brown’s Cheers 360 Spoutless Training Cup

Dr. Brown's Cheers 360 Spoutless Training Cup

Time to transition infant to a large kid cup? Make their milestone a victory together with Dr. Brown’s Milestones Cheers360 Spoutless Transition Cup. This 360-degree sippy allows baby beverages from any edge, as well as also the Sip-and-See clean silicone valve allows babies to see indoors without spilling, for authentic leak-free learning. The beveled layout looks exactly like a grown-up cup, also translucent sides reveal whether it is time to get a refill. The Cheers360 cup comes in 2 styles to aid with separate sip and grip.


As soon as I reviewed the list, I found it fascinating that 3 of these cups I like were created by Munchkin. Seemingly, Munchkin has only done a great job designing superb sippy cups. There are many sippy cups for both babies and toddlers available on the marketplace, also it can be difficult to determine which ones to test. It is my hope that this review has helped you to determine which cups will probably work perfectly for 3 years old.

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