How To Choose The Best Electric Epilator

How To Choose The Best Electric Epilator

While all electric epilators work with rotating heads, there are still many criteria that determine the performance of an electric epilator.

On the one hand, we must consider the epilation performance of the device. The number of clamps arranged on the head is for example large. It varies between 12 and 24 clamps. But tweezer technology is also very important, some of them, such as Braun’s Close Grip, remove very fine hairs or those stuck to the skin. Finally, electric epilators equipped with a rotating head allow to better match the contours of the treated area, which increases the effectiveness of epilation.

On the other hand, since you will need to use it regularly, an electric epilator should be comfortable to use. You can choose between a corded model or a battery model. But also be sure to check the quality of the device to reduce the pain of hair removal. It is generally found in the form of pain relieving beads but some models offer a system of high-frequency waves that stimulate the skin before epilation. Finally, Wet & Dry systems have the advantage of being able to be used underwater, especially in the shower.

Finally, the accessories offered with an electric epilator can have a definite advantage. The head reducer is for example essential for waxing certain sensitive areas such as the armpits or the bikini line. But the exfoliating head is also a valuable accessory that allows you to prepare your skin to make hair removal less painful and more effective. In addition, some electric epilators have a lighting system that allows you to find hidden hairs. Finally, even if it is not essential, it is always nice to have a good transport kit.

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There are many ways to remove hair that suit individual preferences and the particularity of their hair. But electric hair removal has many advantages, including costing much less than other means of hair removal. However, there are many products available and it is important to be careful to choose the electric epilator that suits us the most, otherwise a poor quality and painful shave. As with many products, we can advise you to look to the big brands which generally offer much more reliable and effective products.

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