Top 11 Best Professional Chef Knives

Behind every great meal preparation in the kitchen, is a professional-grade chef knife. Professional chef knives allow you to slice, cut, dice, and chop, among others. Unlike standard knives, professional chef knives are made of the highest-quality materials that give them their sharp edges and anti-corrosion blades. Some come as sets while others as individual pieces. Regardless of the one you purchase, a professional chef knife cuts by half your slicing effort and time. The following top 11 best professional chef knives reviews include top-rated knives and will help you find the right one. Have a glance!

The 11 Best Professional Chef Knives

11. Imarku Pro 8-inch Chef’s knife


Perform any kitchen task like cutting food, veggies, and remove flesh from bones using the versatile Imarku Pro 8-inch Chef’s knife. Its blade is thick consisting of about 0.6 to 0.75% carbon for additional strength and stability. The knife also has 16% – 18% chrome that gives it a glossy finish, so it does not fade or get tarnished even after several uses. What’s more, the blade is ultra-sharp which is seen in its ability to achieve the best cuts and remains sharp even after tough cuts.

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  • High-carbon stainless steel blade: Makes the chef knife twice as hard compared to knives in its class
  • Ergonomic pakka handle: Helps minimize fatigue while enhancing stability, comfort, and strength
  • Multi-functional design: Allows you to use the chef knife for various professional applications like chopping and dicing

10. Zelite Infinity 8-Inch Chef Knife


Butcher like a pro using the Zelite Infinity 8-Inch Chef Knife. It has a mirror polished cutting angle to ensure maximum sharpness and safety for effortless cutting. With this knife, you can slice meat, fish-sushi, fruits, vegetables, and much more. The handle is ergonomic and rounded to provide a secure and comfortable grip for perfect balance. Besides, this knife is tastefully adorned with zelite metal, making it a visually stunning addition to any modern kitchen.


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  • Razor sharp blade: Ensures minimal slicing resistance
  • Liquid nitrogen tempered: Promotes long-lasting performance
  • 67-layer high carbon stainless steel: Provides rust and stain resistance

9. Homgeek 8&7-inch Kitchen Knife Set


For a knife that will meet all your different cutting and chopping demands, consider the Homgeek 8&7-inch Kitchen Knife Set. The 7-inch blade is suitable for dicing, slicing, and mincing while the 8-inch knife works for general cutting needs. Each one of their blades is easy to sharpen and holds its edge well from time to time. Furthermore, they have well-balanced handles which are lightweight and non-slip to give you precise and effortless cutting experience.

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  • Razor sharp edge: Enables you to cut through everything with much ease
  • Hollow edge design: Keeps things from sticking to the knife blade
  • German stainless steel construction: Provides corrosion-resistance and an anti-tarnish finish

8. Cangshan TV2 Essential Knives 8-inch


You can never go wrong in the kitchen when you have the Cangshan TV2 Essential Knives 8-inch at hand. The blade is very sharp out of the box and stays sharp for a long time. The knife is well balanced; hence, ideal for vegetable preparation and for working in confined places. The handle is sleek and hygienic so it could be used to prepare meat without the fear of contamination. Moreover, the knife comes in a nice molded black box so it makes a great gift idea.


  • Ergonomic handle: Provides a comfortable grip
  • High alloy Swedish stainless steel construction: Holds an edge up to 5 times longer
  • Well-balanced 8-inch blade: Provides effortless cutting

7. Mac Knife Professional Chef’s Knife


The Mac Knife Professional Chef’s Knife has a thinner, lighter blade that enables it to cut like a scalpel. With it, you can slice, dice, cut, smash and so much more that you can’t do with a standard knife. Although not one of the prettiest knives in this list, the mac knife has an excellent fit and finish. It comes already sharpened, so you can use it straight out of the box. Better yet, the knife retains its sharpness for a long time and it is very easy to sharpen.


  • Hollow edge blade: Helps the knife to glide through sticky foods
  • Pakka wood handle: Ensures a secure and comfortable grip
  • Lightweight design: Promotes peerless performance

6. Victorinox Swiss Army 7-Piece Knife Roll


This 7-piece set of knives brings you all the essential knives for BBQ. Each of the knives comes already sharpened to enable you to use them straight out of the package. The knives are well-balanced and feel solid in the hand for effortless usage. They are well-made and hold up to daily use. Besides, they come in a black polyester tri-fold knife roll that can hold up to 8 knives.


  • High carbon stainless steel construction: Allows for quick and easy sharpening
  • Ergonomic handles: Provide a sure grip and easy handling even when wet
  • 12-inch length: Promotes convenience, especially when traveling

5. Zelancio Premium Japanese Cutlery 7-Piece Set


With the Zelancio Cutlery Set, you’ll be able to prepare any kind of meal from scratch. The set includes 5 different knives, a pair of kitchen shears, and a honing rod. The knives boast a full central tang that sees the blade continue through the center of the handle to the end of the handle. Plus these knives come already sharpened and maintain the sharpness very well over time.


  • VG-10 Damascus steel construction: Provides strength, durability, and beauty
  • Well-balanced design: Offers a smooth and effortless cutting experience
  • Contoured handle: Provides a comfortable and secure grip

4. YARYLO Japanese Chef Knife Set


Whether you need to slice bread, fruits, and vegetables or cut steak, the YARYLO Japanese Chef Knife Set is definitely fit for the task. It includes 4 pieces of knives of various lengths from big butcher knife to small paring knife for fruits and veggies. They are easy to sharpen and hold their sharpness well over time. At the same time, the knives are aesthetically appealing and come in a nice black box, making them a great gift idea for a loved one.


  • Wood handles: Make working with these knives comfortable and pain-free
  • VG-10 stainless steel construction: Provides a rust-resistance surface
  • Carbon and chromium finish: Provides high impact strength and durability

3. Ross Henery Professional 9-Piece Chef Knives


Slice, cut, and dice on the go with the Ross Henery Professional 9-Piece Chef Knives. They come in a securely ensconced zippered nylon case for easy transportation. Ideally, they are essential kitchen accessories for any budding chef. This is because the set includes a carving knife, bread knife, chef knife, sharpening rod, meat clever, and carving fork for all your slicing needs. Moreover, the knives are razor sharp and retain their sharpness for a long time.


  • Protective sheaths: Safeguard each piece of knife
  • High-carbon stainless steel: Repels rust and corrosion for extra durability
  • Ergonomically formed handles: Promote comfortable grip and unparalleled control

2. Dalstrong Japanese AUS8 Chef Knife


Perfectly balanced and masterfully elegant, the Dalstrong Japanese AUS8 Chef Knife is a statement in beauty, refinement, and power. The blade is extremely sharp and carefully tapered for minimal drag and to ensure swift, precise cutting with much ease. Similarly, the knife has high edge retention and a hand polished spine for a natural smooth pinch. And the distinct mosaic pin of brass and copper adds a subtle luxury.


  • High carbon Japanese steel: Offers exceptional strength and durability
  • D-shaped handle: Tucks perfectly into the palm of your hand for ultimate control
  • 13-15º nitrogen cooled blade: Ensures enhanced hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance

1. Aces Damascus chef knife – Best Professional Chef Knives


The Aces Damascus chef knife is constructed well to allow for precision control while preserving a long-lasting razor-sharp edge. It is a perfectly balanced masterpiece intelligently engineered with form and function in mind. This is a very good knife that comes with a wooden sheath to help safeguard the knife when not in use. Plus, the knife is ergonomically constructed to be lightweight for effortless cutting.


  • 5mm blade length: Provides the right amount of knuckle clearance
  • Immaculate engineering: Offers a sharp cutting edge
  • High-carbon stainless steel: Allows for exceptional strength and durability

When shopping for the best professional chef knife, look at the sharpness, material, presence of a sheath, and an ergonomic handle. These are some of the criteria we used to select the above products. And we believe they will help you find the best one among the listed 11. Good luck!

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